Atlanta, Ga. native, recording artist/producer, Odan has an extensive career span. Dating back to his teenage years as a DJ. His professional music career started with an Indie record deal, with former rap group Ovadu; which spawned one album before the group disbanded. Odan then attempted solo efforts, but ultimately that passion for music took a back seat to the streets, owning a nightclub, real estate investing, a host of other endeavors, and a need to make money. Even tried his hand at executing producing and management.

But he soon found out, everyone doesn’t have the same passion or work ethic when it comes to music, so back to the drawing board. Years pass, and that gift and hunger would not subside. And his return to music; re-activated, when in late 2016, he featured on a former group member’s song. And that led to a 2017 effort, that can be commended, releasing 20 songs, including an EP “Beautiful Life” And wit no plans of slowing down, he releases another 7 song set “ The Mind of ODan”, merely 2 months later, in February 2018. And with what he calls “Adult Contemporary Hip Hop”, He proves that you should never let your dreams die. And may very well prove to be one of those lightning bolts, that come along ever so often!!